What We Do at Midway

To help those curious about Midway Ventures get a better idea of what we do on a day-to-day basis, we caught up with Archita and Elissa. Archita Mishra is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, Class of 2021, studying Economics and Political Science. Elissa Kwon is also an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, Class of 2020, studying Economics. 

Meet Midway: Agnay Mohindra

     In the latter portion of Spring Quarter, a few members of Midway Ventures were interviewed to help our clients, as well as the undergraduate students at the University of Chicago, gain a better understanding of what students involved in Midway Ventures are like. This is the first in a series of interviews covering topics like what sparked their interest in the industry, what skills they would like to gain, and what ideas they have for potential companies of their own.



Anybody who has flown internationally knows that between the airplane door and the gangway is a small gap, exposing you to your first whopping whiff of ‘fresh’ air since you boarded. And so it was that the first thing that struck me, stepping off the plane in Shanghai’s PVG airport, was a putrid smell: a nasty, vaguely-sinister mix of hot-concrete, exhaust fumes, jet fuel, and burning rubber. This miasma is not unique, perhaps even common to several airports; however, it does a marvelous job of summing up my experience in Shanghai.